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1.         Brookfield Mulitplex
Pipe relining work can be most challenging and many projects require a great deal of thinking and careful planning on how to achieve the best outcome. Operating outside normal comfort zones is a regular occurrence and our staff are continually challenged on how best to achieve these best outcomes.

An example project where management and staff were challenged was how to fix multiple damaged drain pipes on a large multi storey building almost near completion. Not only were the accesses to various drain locations difficult but also clearing the damage to them was extremely challenging in more ways than one. As a result innovative cutting tools/devices were developed to aid in clearing often completely blocked drains inside walls, under floors and up in ceilings without wrecking or pulling apart the hindrances. The following testimonial describes the situation from the clients perspective:
“During the construction phase of the Quays building in Docklands Melbourne we encountered problems with several of the cast insitu balcony drains. Upon review it was discovered that a large amount of the 50mm diameter PVC pipework had been penetrated by high tensile bolts, and as a result would leak during rain into the units below.As this problem was discovered close to the end of construction it was important that we had it rectified immediately with minimal disruption to other trades working on finishing off the project. Drainline provided a state of the art cost effective solution. This included designing a tool that was able to negotiate 45 degree and 90 degree bends in the 50mm PVC pipe to be able to cut out the high tensile bolts, they were then able to reline the damaged section in the pipe to repair and seal it.Due to the pipe work only being 50mm diameter in size it was exceptionally challenging task which Drainline concurred extremely efficiently over 300 drains with no problems. I would have no hesitation in recommending Drainline for any relining works”

Kurt Bennetto – Project Coordinator
Brookfield Multiplex Constructions Pty Ltd


2.         Residential — Blocked House Connection
There have been many hundreds of instances occurring around blocked house sewer connection points and surrounding pipe works etc. In this particular case as with many cases, in a job in Kilgour St, East Geelong there was very restricted access to the blocked pipe area. Problems associated with job included the boundary trap in the front yard, a brick fence with footing, footpath and nature strip, a very busy road, in an immediate school  zone, next to — a fragile aged asbestos water main and the house service pipe extended out from the house into the centre of the road and the connection was located under other asset services i.e. water main, power, Telstra and gas.

IF TRADITIONAL CIVIL WORKS METHOD had been carried out the following would have applied: an estimated time frame of 03 days, major disruptions to street with digging, and a more onerous method of fixing the problem. This would have categorised the job as “High Risk” where the road needed to be dug up,  3 to 4 days of traffic management (no street access), issues around asset locations, hydro excavation, curb and channel, flow management (being a major sewer main), confined space entry, and ultimate reinstatement of landscape, footpath, road and asset services.

Put simply, digging was just not a commercially viable option and Drainline’s  “pipe relining”  capabiltiy was deemed the most efficient and effective method for solving the blocked house connection with no disruption. The end result was Drainline took only 1.5 days and because the work was carried out from the surface, there was very little traffic disruption, little need for reinstatement works and the total cost was much less than half of what it would have been using the conventional dig and replace method.

3.         Water Corporation — Major infiltration into broken/damaged sewer mains
The versatility in pipe relining uses for solving problems whether they are major or minor becomes more evident as time goes on. More and more applications for this pipe relining technology is being discovered on a daily basis, where it can be used relatively simply and economically to solve long standing problems. A typical example of this is in this particular case study, there were a number of damaged sewer mains in a small country seaside town. In brief the damaged sewer mains lay below the water table and in many instances there was significant infiltration occurring thereby increasing flows to very high levels.

Drainline were requested to examine the possibility of solving these ongoing infiltration issues and at the same time try and minimise disruption of services etc.  After examining extensive CCTV footage of the various locations and producing reports with a range of recommendations, Drainline were commissioned to patch reline the damages areas. The overall result was there were no disruptions to any of the services or traffic and all the infiltration into the sewer mains were stopped. This meant much less volume of water going through the system and a considerable reduction in pump station operational costs.

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