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As you may already know, blockages in pipes, such as your sewer and stormwater drains or downpipes, are an unpleasant fact of life, and usually strike us at the worst possible times!


These blockages are generally caused by excess or the wrong types of paper, grease and fats poured down a sink, leaves and detritus
improperly filtered, and that old favourite – tree roots working their way through broken or old clay pipes!


How do you know if you have a blocked drain or pipe?

After flushing, toilets fill up then recede slowly

Drainage may overflow outside

Bad odours

Water fills up and recedes slowly in sinks

What causes my drains to become blocked?

Deteriorated physical condition

The flushing of foreign items

Tree roots entering a broken pipe

Ground movement

How do I know for sure what is causing the blockage?

Our inspection and survey will jet clean your pipes, removing any
blockages and enabling a clear view and assessment of the section that is blocked.
Drainline offers comprehensive pipe clearing and unblocking service. Our experienced technicians are ready to assist you.

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