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Notice to Plumbers

At Drainline, we understand the plumbing business and we also understand that your customers are indeed “your customers”

There are many times when plumbers are often and faced with difficult issues around digging and repairing a customer’s underground drain due to surrounding services e.g. gas, power, water, telcom etc.; confined space and depth OH&S issues; access difficulties in small areas e.g. side lanes, backyards, etc.; work overload; sick of hand digging in backyards and the list goes on.

We are offering this service to Plumbers to help them service their own customer base in the most efficient and non-disruptive way, with a “no dig, no mess” approach to fixing broken or damaged pipework using our pipe relining repair skills. We are your emergency plumber partner. Your 24 hour plumber.

We offer a negotiable “plumbers discount”, and will work under your umbrella so the customer remains your customer.

Please note: Conventional plumbing is NOT our business and therefore there is no conflict of interest in relation to plumbing services competition.

Our Full Service on Offer (however we do understand that you may wish to complete some initial phases)

  • Rapid response to blocked drains at residential, commercial and industrial sites;
  • Rapid assessment of the best approach to clear the blockage;
  • Non destructive and asset friendly plumbing techniques such as water jetting (if required) ensuring no further damage;
  • CCTV the damaged pipeline and solutions to either repair (relining) or replace the pipeline or junctions/connection points etc;
  • If agreed to by you and your customer, repair the drains using our pipe relining technology.
  • Report with recommendations for future management of the underground asset;
  • Other needs if required, whilst on site.

Need an Emergency Plumber? A 24 hour plumber ? Call Drainline Geelong & Melbourne

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